Nongovernmental Health Centre Diacony Wang

Our History

  1. In August 1999, Knut Randau, Hospitaller working at the first aid in Dresden proposed to found a social station near Wang Church and to build up a first-aid-post.
  2. In 2000, Hans Niklas von Selchow, a representative of the Hospitaller Order, supports the foundation of the social station. Tilo von Thadden helped buying medical equipment and a company vehicle.
  3. In 2000, Helmut Spieler got rehabilitation equipment for the social station in Germany.

The first stage

10th Sept. 2000 – The lending station for rehabilitation equipment is opened. In the beginning, the social station’s work has to be done in the garage being the only ready building.

The second stage

Building up the social station

  • On 1st August 2001, in our parsonage, the social station of the Lutheran parish Wang began its work.
    The third stage
  • On 10th June 2002 we started building the social and first-aid-station next to Wang Church.
  • On 12th April 2003, the diaconal first-aid- and social station “good Samaritan” was hallowed.

The fourth stage

The foundation of the NGDW of Diacony Wang and the official registration.

  • A contract with the national health care found.

The fifth and last stage…

  • training centre
  • First-Aid-Courses.

Fields of activity

  • Homely nursing
  • Long time care
  • Social aid and improvement of elderly people’s everyday life
  • Help and social caring for elderly people. Integration with society.
  • First- Aid-Trainings
  • Cooperation with the Polish Resuscitation Council
  • Individual and group trainings, trainings for children and youth, cooperation with the centre for medical care after accidents, cooperation with rescue station
  • Propagation of the medical knowledge
  • Renting rehabilitation equipment
  • Integrative meetings (Cinema, theatre, museum, miniature-park, parish, barbecue) with a group of handicapped people.
  • Medical attendance for handicapped people and support in everyday life – duties and responsibilities: homecare, medical care, prophylaxis, medical diagnosis, health training, help on the social field of work, providing rehabilitation equipment

Parish Commission for Diacony:

  • Visiting ill parish members at home and in hospital
  • Organizing a Christmas Party for children
  • Assisted transport for elderly or handicapped parish members to the services and parish meetings
  • Supporting parish members to get to the doctor
  • Helping elderly parish members with the shopping.

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