Sightseeing regulations

Wang Church is a chapel which serves the local Lutheran parish for holding services as well as weddings and baptisms. This church is a unique monument of great cultural importance. Therefore, the parish allows sightseeing.

Sightseeing Regulations

  1. There are no guided tours, neither for groups nor for single visitors.
  2. The tape with the audio-tour about the church s history is played for groups of at least 10 people.
  3. Adequate clothing and good behavior are obligatory.
  4. Visiting the church outside usual sightseeing times is only possible under the following conditions:
    – free time of the guide
    – paying the double admission
  5. We cannot make reservations for a fixed sightseeing time.
  6. The entrance fee has to be paid in cash at the cash desk (in the bookstore)
  7. Bills can only be made out the day the entrance is paid
  8. Visitors wanting to hold a service, a mass or devotions in the church can do this only outside the regular sightseeing hours. Advance announcement: 0048 757619228
  9. On Saturdays it might be possible that the church is closed for some hours because of wedding celebrations. Telephone number for information about the dates: 0048 757619228

Restoration of the church is permitted thanks to the offerings and donations we receive from tourists. We would like to thank you for it – may God bless you!

Parish Council

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