1. The way to Wang Church is marked by brown touristic signs showing the church s logo. You will find them in the towns of Jelenia Góra, Kowary and Karpacz.
  2. We recommend switching off your GPS navigation system on the road up the hill. Most systems indicate impassable short cuts as the best way. You wont miss the right way, if you only stay on the main road.
  3. Right next to the street “Na Śnieżkę” there is another brown sign indicating the footpath to the church and the way to the parking lot.
  4. Passenger cars and busses can use the parking lots in the streets: Karkonoska (parking Wang, 500m from the sign) and Spokojna 1 (parking PRZY LESIE), 800m from the sign).
  5. The cheapest parking space is parking PRZ LESIE in Spokojna St.1. From there, it is a 15-minutes’ walk to the church – you can either go through the forest or along Karkonoska St.
  6. We recommend using the way along the street because in the forest it might be slippery.
  7. The parking space “Wang” may be a start for shorter or longer walks in the mountains.
  8. The PKS public bus to “Karpacz Górny” stops at the bus stop “Wang” beneath the church. You can reach the church by walking the 300 m up the hill.


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